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Italian wine and grape guide : Canina nera

Canina nera

The Canina nera grape was originally grown in Tuscany and Romagna. In Romagna the vine Canina nera is often confused with the Cagnina (Refosco). In the last century it has been confused with the Canaiolo nero, from Tuscany. The Canina nera variety is quite rare, still cultivated in a few rows, for family use, for friends and for small local sales. Today it is not vinified in purity anymore, and it is easier to find it blended with other homegrown red grapes. The main production area is limited to the plain of Romagna, especially in the province of Ravenna. Even rarer is the presence of the Canina nera in Tuscany. The berry is black, medium-large, spheric, slightly elongated, crimson with very pruinose and black-blue colored skin. The bunch is medium, pyramidal, medium compact, usually equipped with a pair of wings. There are two different types of Canina nera, which differ in the coloring of the stem (one is green and the other is red). The vine Canina nera gives a pale red wine, fruity, with hints of berries and wet earth; the taste is pleasantly bitter and edgy.

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