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Italian wine and grape guide : Canaiolo Nero

Canaiolo Nero

The Canaiolo Nero grape is particularly widespread in central Italy, used in the production of different DOC and DOCG wines. In particular it is used to impart softness to Chianti to stand alongside the Sangiovese. In addition to the Chianti, Canaiolo nero is used almost exclusively in blends, even for different wines of central Italy. The berry is black, medium, round and smooth with blue-violet consistent skin with much bloom. The bunch is medium, rather sparse, stubby or pyramidal, with one or two wings and with a medium-small, five-lobed, rarely three-lobed, dark green and opaque leaf. The grape Canaiolo nero prefers warm climates and hilly terrain, with good exposure. This grape has low vigor and medium age of maturation. The grape Canaiolo nero gives an intense ruby-red wine, alcoholic, but with low acidity. Blended with Sangiovese adds flavor and aroma.

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