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Smoked Carnaroli Rice, La Gemma (500gr)

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Why we love it

Tenuta La Gemma smoked Carnaroli rice is a very particular and intensely aromatic rice, characterized by pleasant and persistent smoky and woody notes, given by the long smoking process with cherry wood. Only the best Carnaroli rice is selected and further processed, to create an excellent product, capable of captivating the nose and palate of the most discerning tastes. .

Thanks to its strong personality, the smoked Carnaroli rice lends itself to various uses in the kitchen, from the preparation of exceptional risottos, to pairing it with meat, fish and vegetables.

The artisan who made it

Tenuta La Gemma is made of the experience of five generations of the same family of rice growers in the “Grange” area (in the land of Italian rice, Vercelli) and passion, bucketloads.

At the heart of everything Tenuta La Gemma does there is rice, cultivated over 130 hectares of land of which 100 are grouped around the buildings and irrigated with a single canal to preserve the water and without the use of chemicals.

Tenuta La Gemma is also the “Grange”, a wetland area, an area covered mostly by rice fields and recognized by the European Union as a unique and vast wetland, still pure and intact and Tenuta La Gemma choices are driven by the intention of preserving and improving the natural habitat producing the highest quality of rice obtained through an agriculture with a minimal environmental impact, whilst rediscovering traditional, local varieties of rice that have been grown for century, from more than 1000 years, such as Carnaroli and Arborio varieties that require less water.

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