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EVO Harmonia, Frantoio Converso (500ml)

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Why we love it

Olive oils from the Calabria region are rare to be found outside Italy due to the fact that there are no big mills and their olives tend to have a lower yield, but at we are all about small, independent producers and this is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from Coratina, widely grown in the South of Italy, and Carolea, native from Calabria, grown in olive groves cultivated in hills facing the Ionian Sea.

Harmonia is an intense fruity extra virgin olive oil with a very low acidity, rich in polyphenols and natural antioxidants, highly nutritional with a nose with tomatoes aromas and an balanced, harmonic palate, hence its name, perfect for grilled meat and flavourful dishes.

The artisan who made it

Frantoio Converso is a family olive grower and mill located in Rossano, Calabria, an enchanting town located between the Ionian Sea and the hills, an area where olive growing goes back to centuries and it is in this context that the Converso family has been growing olives since 1800.

Calabria olive oil is little known outside Italy, due to their relatively limited production compared to Sicily and Apulia mainly, but the oil made from the Frantoio Converso, produced in a very modern mill, and obtained pressing organically grown olives grown in their olive groves are something of unique for all lovers of high quality extra virgin olive oils.

The Converso family is involved in all stages, from harvesting to packaging and their oils are made using native Calabrian olive varieties resulting in different oils suited for different uses. Great organic Calabria extra virgin olive oils.

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