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Sauvignon Monferrato Bianco, l'Armangia (75cl)

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Why we love it

This is a great Sauvignon, a great white wine fermented on its own lees, a Sauvignon different from the ones you are used to. Named Enne Enne, "Figlio di ennenne" in Italian means "child of an unnamed person".

Because of the bizarre Italian wine appellation system, there are plenty of Monferrato Bianco DOC wines from hundreds of producers, each one made using different grapes and blends resulting in completely different wines and very often confusing the least expert wine drinker.

This wine, made with hand picked Sauvignon grapes from a single vineyard located near the producer winery, on a hill, in the Asti wine region, once the grapes are pressed, the juice sits on its lees for 3-4 months at a very low temperature producing a totally different Sauvignon from what you are used and would expect.

This Sauvignon has a richer and more complex nose, soft and full on the palate, elegant, structured, with a long persistence, a white wine that pairs beautifully rich dishes, including fresh cheeses and represents an alternative to medium-bodied red wines.

The artisan who made it

The L’Armangia winery have been making wines in Canelli, Piedmont, from 1850, and today they are amongst the top wineries of the area particularly with regard to growing and producing Barbera d’Asti and Moscato D’Asti. Ignazio, the owner and winemaker, is not your conventional winemaker, he knows his grapes as if they are his own sons and daughters and he knows what they can produce and he firmly believes in the Barbera d’Asti grape, but also grow a variety of other grapes including Albarossa, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and a very small vineyard of Pinot Nero that makes an amazing wine.

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