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EVO Unfiltered Coratina Don Tito, Pasquale La Notte (50cl)

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Why we love it

Made from perfectly healthy coratina olives from century old trees grown in Apulia, cultivar famous for its high content of polyphenols, and milled with 4 hours from the harvesting, this is an amazing unfiltered extra virgin olive oil with an intense, aromatic nose and perfectly balanced notes of spicy and bitter notes.

The artisan who made it

Olio Racemi is one of the best Apulian extra virgin olive oil but Olio Racemi is also Pasquale La Notte and Pasquale is first and foremost, a farmer as himself likes to say. Pasquale comes from a family that has been farming in the Apulia region for generations, though, he took the family extra virgin olive oil to another level, making it one of the most awarded extra virgin olive oils not only in Apulia.

Pasquale became very passionate, almost obsessed, with extra virgin olive oil and is a firm believer of the Coratina olive variety to the point of becoming an ambassador.

In the last twenty years he has dedicated himself exclusively to the cultivation and care of the family olive groves to produce a great extra virgin olive oil, an olive oil that can be considered a natural medicine due to its polyphenols content, where everything is done manually.

His olive grove is made of secular Coratina variety olive trees that are looked after as they were members of the Pasquale's family and the olives are then pressed in one of the most technologically advanced mill very close to the groves to produce an exceptional, multi awarded extra Apulian virgin olive oil. Pasquale is Racemi and Racemi is Pasquale.

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