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Modica Chocolate Citrus, Ciokarrua (100gr)

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Why we love it

Rich in vitamins A, B and C, Sicilian oranges, lemons and mandarins represent a seductive mix to fully enjoy the flavors and aromas of the island and this Modica chocolate bar combines a minimum of 50% cocoa with Sicilian citrus fruits to enhance their freshness in the rich and intense dark chocolate.

Our Modica chocolate is gluten and lactose free

Minimum cocoa 50%, cane sugar, natural citrus flavor 0.2%

The artisan who made it

The story of Ciokarrua resemble the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Willy Wonka. It is 2007, it is in Sicily, we are in the baroque town of Modica and the protagonist, the chocolate maker is called Giovanni Cicero.

Giovanni comes from a Sicilian family that has been growing and producing Carob for generations, and decided, having been born in Modica and studied the history of the famous chocolate, that he should start producing chocolate as well as carob. Whilst carob is in Giovanni’s DNA, chocolate becomes Giovanni's passion.

From there to now, the story has not changed much, other than the shop has become bigger, but Ciokarrua still remains an artisan Modica chocolate and carob maker and it is still Giovanni’s passion.

Modica chocolate, is the only Italian P.G.I. (protected geographical indication) chocolate due to its ancient and original way of making, by using manual grinding, meaning that the recipe could not be replicated in an industrial scale. This gives the chocolate a special grainy and crumbly texture and aromatic flavour.

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