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Valpolicella Superiore, Il Canovino (75cl)

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Vegan Organic

Why we love it

A step above the just valpolicella, this valpolicella superiore, superiore because made with the best, selected organically grown grape, is fruity on the nose with plenty of black fruit. Elegant, full and smooth on the palate with a never ending finish.

The valpolicella superiore, according to the Italian law, is a wine that has at least 12% of alcohol content, however, the appellation system was created when the average valpolicella wine had 11/11.5% alchool content, decades ago, before climate change was even a word, this is why we believe that wine appellations are outdated. Nowadays, the difference in quality cannot be determined by the alcohol content, it is by now impossible to find a valpolicella wine or any wine, even white, with an abv lower of 12%, but should be determined by the quality of the grapes, better, more ripe grapes, lower yield, and this is evident when drinking the wine, balanced, less acidity, a bigger, rounder wine.

This valpolicella superiore is also vegan, read our blog if you want to know what makes a wine vegan, and it pairs perfectly pasta, charcuterie and cheeses, meat, a very versatile wine for plenty of occasions.

The artisan who made it

Il Canovino is a family winery, is husband and wine, Antonio and Francesca and their vineyards, cultivated following organic practices in the Valpolicella and Soave area. The vineyards in the Valpolicella, in the Canova area are located at 200/250 m. above sea level and the Soave vineyards in the heart of the Soave Classico area.

Il Canovino is four generations of vine growers and wine making, it is the place where tradition and modern equipment find their perfect balance, where grapes are looked after because great wines are made on the vine not in the winery. Il Canovino is slow made wines, they follow the natural time and wines are released only when they are ready, there is no rush, only by following each and every wine, a great wine can be made.

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Ian  Boddy
Ian - 11/08/2023

Our favourite red has always been Amarone but under recommendation from Andrea we tried this red. Certainly not as big & bold as an Amarone but beautifully balanced, very smooth with lovely fruity flavours. Very easy to drink and would recommend it.

Anne Dawson
Anne - 04/04/2022

Excellent example of a very good valpolicella

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