Italian wine and grape guide : Oseleta


The Oseleta vine has spread in the area of Valpolicella and Monti Lessini since ancient times, and most recently was part of the blend Recioto and Amarone della Valpolicella, even if not expressly mentioned in the specification. This vine is almost certainly the result of domestication of local wild grape. Recovered from an almost certain fate of abandonment, it has been gradually rediscovered since the '70s. Its name comes from the liking that birds show towards its berries. The berry is black, medium, with thick and consistent, black-blue skin. The bunch is small, cylindrical-pyramidal, tight, sometimes provided with a wing and with a small, pentagonal, five-lobed leaf. The vine Oseleta has discreet vigor and good and constant production. The Oseleta grape gives wine of an intense ruby red color, fruity and spicy on the nose, tannic, rich and full-bodied. It brings body and color to blends.

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