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Albarossa Altaguardia, Forti del Vento (75cl)

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Why we love it

Albarossa is a little know Piedmont grapes first mentioned in 1938 and rarely used on its own, it is often blended with other grapes under the appellation Piemonte DOC and only recently some forward thinking winemaker are bottling it on its own.

Altaguardia is natural red wine made with organic grape grown following the biodynamic agriculture and adhering to the natural wines movement, the wine does not contain added sulphites, it is fermented using yeasts naturally present in the grapes and it is bottled unfiltered.

This Albarossa wine is elegant on the nose, with floral notes, spicy, in the palate the wine is full, silky, smooth, balanced, lively perfect for stew, pasta with sausage and rich food in general.

The artisan who made it

Forti del vento is Marco, Manuela and Tomaso that have taken over from their grandparents the love for work and the discipline of the land and an innovative spirit. The name Forti del Vento stands for strength and lightness; matter and spirit. Forti del Vento wines are about ancient and natural methods, preserving the woods and hedges and consider insects their allies for maintaining the richness deriving from biodiversity.

Forti del Vento is biodynamic agriculture. The Forti del Vento winery and vineyards, 7 hectares growing native local grapes, is located in the Alto Monferrato, Piedmont. The vineyards are located in the heart of the Dolcetto area, about about 300m above sea level. Their goal is to make wines that talks about their work, the respect for the territory, the grapes that come from. They like found themselves in a glass of wine instead of getting lost in a glass of water.

Together with Dolcetto they grow barbera, chardonnay, albarossa and cortese.

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