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Pasta alla Gricia


(4 portions)

400 gr pasta (ideally spaghetti o bucatini)
250 gr Guanciale
120 gr Pecorino (possibly Romano)
Black pepper in grains

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Pasta alla gricia is the ancestor of the amatriciana, which is the same dish without the tomato, the latter in fact was imported to Europe at the end of the eighteenth century. The name Griscia comes from a village a few kilometers from Amatrice. The recipe was invented by the ancient shepherds, who went to pastures with lard, dry pasta, bacon, black pepper and pecorino.


Start with boiling the water for the pasta, once the water boil add some rock salt and cook the pasta according to the instruction.

In the meantime, cut the guanciale into strips after removing the rind, and brown it in a pan until the fat has become transparent and crunchy, but not dry.

Once browned well, drain it from its oil and set it aside in a saucer.

Leave the fat in the pan, it will be the main condiment of the dish, drain the pasta al dente with a slotted spoon directly into the pan and toss it over high heat, if necessary add a ladle of pasta cooking water and mix well, then add the guanciale and serve sprinkling plenty of pecorino and black pepper.

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