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Cherry Liqueur, Morelli (70cl)

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Why we love it

A cherry liqueur made with the best Tuscan dark cherries handcrafted by the Morelli brothers in their distillery.

The secret of a good cherry liqueur is in the cherries, by using real cherries instead of flavouring, but also ensuring that the cherries are fully ripe and not damaged.

This is a cherry liqueur that works as an alternative to the classic Italian amaro, a perfect end to a lovely meal, served really cold, with its sweet and sour cherry taste, or as an excellent accompaniment for fruity and creamy desserts, also very good with dipping biscuits, or can be used in cocktail making, from adding colour to flavour, or in the kitchen, from a refreshing tiramisu to a more sophisticated main course with game.

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The artisan who made it

Under the current generation, the Liquorificio, distillery, Morelli, originally called the Antica Grapperia Toscana, has been going from strength to strength, producing liqueurs and spirits of the highest quality. The credo of this Tuscan distillery is the belief in using only the best natural ingredients for its products and using the family recipes they have used for centuries that have resulted in them winning a large number of awards, not only for their grappa, but also for their delicious Limoncello and Arancino.

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