Italian wine and grape guide : Turbiana


Turbiana previously known as Trebbiano di Lugana, is the grape that produce the Lugana wine, in the lake of Garda.

The grape, until recently called Trebbiano di Lugana and thought to be part of the wider Trebbiano family, was recently discovered through a DNA profiling, that is actually Verdicchio and doesn’t share anything with the Trebbiano grape that in the unique soil and climate of the lake Garda area has become a grape of its own.

However, the reason behind the name change from Trebbiano di Lugana to Turbiana was mainly due to commercial reasons, to move away from the poor reputation that the Trebbiano grape has whilst, at the same time, linking the grape to the territory, in the ancient documents the grape was called “trebulano”.

Producers growing the grape

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