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Verdicchio Bianco, commonly called Verdicchio, is a white grape variety cultivated mainly in the Marche regions, in the hills between Jesi and Matelica, where it produces the Verdicchio delle Colline di Jesi and the less known Verdicchio di Matelica, and its name comes from the green “verde” color of its berries.

The Verdicchio grape is not only used to make easy to drink, fresh wines but it is also structured and complex wine, able to stand ageing, and sparkling wines, both traditional or classic and Charmat or Martinotti method including dessert wines. In the last decade, Verdicchio has seen a resurgence with more and more independent producers.

Recent studies have confirmed that Verdicchio and Trebbiano di Soave are linked and it has been hypothesised that Verdicchio came from the Trebbiano introduced in the Marche by Veneto merchants.

Producers growing the grape

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