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Traminer aromatico

Traminer aromatico

The Traminer aromatico grape is native of South Tyrol, called after the town of Tramin, but it is also cultivated in many other Italian regions. The smoothness and consistency of the wine, combined with a powerful aromatic bouquet (fruity-lychee, passion fruit, pineapple, spicy-pepper, cloves, star anise, floral-especially the rose) make it interesting to try with white meat prepared as in very spicy oriental cuisine (type Tandoori), with smoked salmon or blue cheese. Exceptional even as a meditation wine.

The berry is pink, medium, spheroid with strong, waxy, pinkish skin. The pulp has a characteristic aromatic flavor reminiscent of the rose. The bunch is small, quite compact and stocky, sometimes winged with a medium-small leaf, five-lobed.

The Traminer aromatico grape prefers limestone soils, sandy clay and granitic and sheltered exposures. The productivity of the Traminer aromatico (except for some newer clones) tend to be low but steady.

The Traminer aromatico gives a straw yellow wine with golden reflections. The scent is full of primary aromas reminiscent of tropical fruits (lychee) spices and candied fruit, bodied, with sweet and aromatic taste.

We do not stock any wine made with Traminer aromatico but we suggest you to try those made with Gewurztraminer