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Italian wine and grape guide : Tazzelenghe


The Tazzelenghe grape vine is an authochthonal grape of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, a native of the area around Buttrio and Cividale. The origin of its name comes from the local dialect and means “taglialingue”, a clear reference to the behavior of the wine in the mouth: characterized by high acidity accompanied by equally strong tannins, combined it gives the effect of “cutting the tongue”. Recent studies on DNA have found its genetic similarity to the Nostrano Refosco. Tazzelenghe vine has high vigor and late ripening. It gives an abundant and regular production. Its berry is black medium-large, spherical, slightly flattened with waxy, blue-black skin. The bunch is Medium, cylindrical, sometimes winged, medium compact with a medium, pentagonal, three-lobed leaf. The Tazzelenghe grape gives a wine with intense ruby red color, characterized in the mouth by tannin, acidity and flavor. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for aging, which if continued for long years, makes the tannins more gentle and soften the wine.

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