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Italian wine and grape guide : Syrah


The Syrah is a red wine grape with debated origins, but its renaissance and modern home is France, precisely the Rhone Valley. In Australia, Syrah has developed such a distin,brct personality that it is essentially regarded as a distinct variety known as Shiraz.

The Syrah name seems to come from the city of Shiraz, in Persia, other DNA analysis also indicated affinity with the grapes Teroldego and Lagrein from Trentino -Alto Adige. In Italy the syrah is grown everywhere, from Aosta Valley to Sicily, but is more often cultivated in the central and southern Italy, it produces better results in warmer regions.

Syrah has proved successful around the world; wines are produced in many styles and the grape is also often blended due to its deep color and high tannins. The Syrah can produce very complex wines capable of aging and improving over many decades, an example are the Syrah wines coming from the Cortona area, Tuscany.

Syrah can be quite floral when young, becoming spiced as it ages.

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