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Italian wine and grape guide : Sangiovese Grosso (Brunello)

Sangiovese Grosso (Brunello)

The Sangiovese grape has ancient and uncertain and come in two distinct types: the Sangiovese Grosso, big, cultivated in Tuscany and the Sangiovese piccolo, small, which is widely planted both in Tuscany and outside.

Prugnolo Gentile and Sangiovese di Lamole belong to the same family of the Sangiovese Grosso

The Sangiovese Grosso is used for traditionally powerful and slow-maturing red wines such as the Brunello di Montalcino and is considered to be superior to the Sangiovese Piccolo.

The Sangiovese grosso is slow and late to ripen, which gives a rich, alcoholic and long-lived wine.

Producers growing the grape

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