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Italian wine and grape guide : Rossola nera

Rossola nera

The Rossola nera vine is present exclusively in Valtellina. It makes part of wines made from local varieties, but is not explicitly mentioned in any of them. The color of the grapes has probably given rise to its name. In the blends made of Valtellina’s grapes Rossola nera brings good acidity, encouraging the preservation and aging. Its berry is black, medium, and spherical with thin, violet skin. The bunch is medium, cylindrical, compact, with a medium-small, pentagonal, three-lobed leaf. This grape has excellent resistance to cold spring, good vigor and fertility with grapes characterized by high acidity. It is, however, sensitive to botrytis and powdery mildew. The Rossola black gives a ruby red wine. It is characterized by good acidity that makes it useful in blends with other varieties for the fresh intake.

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