Italian wine and grape guide : Recantina


The Recantina grape variety has been grown in the Treviso province since ancient times. More recently, news of this variety was reported by several ampelographers, but in the era after the advent of phylloxera its traces have gradually disappeared and today there are only a few survived rows, mostly in the Montello area. However, there are, as far as we know, at least two varieties of this grape: the Recantina a pecolo scuro and Recantina a pecolo rosso. The berry is black, medium, round with waxy, thick, blue-dark skin. The bunch is medium, compact with medium, pentagonal, five-lobed leaf. The Recantina vine has strong vigor and constant production. The Recantina grape gives a ruby red wine with purple hues. The fragrance is fruity and spicy with hints of berries, violet, cloves. The taste is full-bodied, tannic, well structured.

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