Italian wine and grape guide : Quagliano


The Quagliano vine is native to the Piedmont of the Saluzzo area, where it is still cultivated today. It is a grape of a rather large berry, usable for its organoleptic characteristics also as table grapes, and that in the past, for its diuretic qualities, was also used as the so-called “grape cure”. The name seems to derive from the dialect "CAIA" that is “curdled”, in reference to the method of vinification. The berry is black, big, spherical with waxy, thick, black-brown skin. The bunch is large, cylindrical, with two wings, compact with a medium, full, five-lobed leaf. The Quagliano grape variety is not sensitive to illness or other adversity and shows no particular requirements of soil and climate types. This variety has high vigor and time of late ripening. This vine gives a light ruby red wine. The fragrance is vinous, with floral notes of violets, the taste is medium bodied and slightly tannic, fine and harmonious.

We do not stock any wine made with Quagliano but we suggest you to try those made with Dolcetto