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Italian wine and grape guide : Prié rouge

Prié rouge

The Prié rouge vine is indigenous of Aosta Valley, also known as Prëmetta. It is believed to have originated from a mutation of Prié blanc. Currently this vine of pink berry, after risking extinction, occupies a fairly narrow distribution area of cultivation, which stretches from Aosta and Avise, with a relative concentration in the old vineyards in Aymavilles. Its acidity makes it suitable for producing sparkling wines, while in still wines, the rather exuberant tannin does suggest an albeit short aging before consumption. The berry is pink, medium to large, ovoid with medium soft, very waxy, pinkish or sometimes purplish skin. The bunch is large, pyramidal, winged, medium compact with a medium-large, pentagonal, three-lobed or entire leaf. The vine Prié rouge has high vigor and early ripening. It has good and fairly regular productivity. The Prié rouge vine gives a pink cherry red wine with orange hues. The scent is captivating, delicate, with floral and fruity notes. The flavor is fresh, full-bodied, tannic with moderate alcohol content.

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