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Italian wine and grape guide : Pelaverga piccolo

Pelaverga piccolo

The vine small Pelaverga has origins that are not very clear, although it seems established that it originates from the area of Verduno in the Langhe area, where it is still cultivated. It may have arrived here centuries ago coming from Saluzzo, but the differences from Pelaverga of that area are considerable, particularly for the berry size, which is the origin of the adjective “piccolo” (small) in the name. The berry is black, medium-small, spheroid to ellipsoid, short with very waxy, blue-purple skin with gray accents due to bloom. The bunch is medium to large, conical or pyramidal elongated, with one or more wings, one with a long stalk, medium loose with a medium-large, pentagonal, three-lobed leaf. The Pelaverga piccolo vine has high vigor with mid-late maturing. Its production is medium-high and fairly regular. The Pelaverga piccolo grape gives a wine of ruby red color with violet hues, fruity on the nose with hints of spices, dry.

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