The Pecorino grape is a white grape native of the Marche and very little is known of its origins.

Pecorino is now widely cultivated in Abruzzo as well as Marche and Latium and it has been enjoying a resurgence in the last decade, previously was mainly used in blends. Due to the Pecorino resurgence, the grape is being replanted and vinified on its own, producing outstanding results with wines of great structure and it is slowly becoming another great Abruzzean white wine together with the Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, Pecorino is proving to produce fantastic white wines, aged and not.

The Pecorino name comes from the fact that sheep (Pecora is the Italian word for sheep and Abruzzo and Marche were regions with an old tradition on sheep farming), are attracted and used to eat the Pecorino grape because it is one of the first to ripe.

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