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Orvieto DOC

Orvieto DOC

Orvieto DOC is a white wine produced in an area crossing Latium and Umbria regions and named after the Umbrian town of Orvieto that represent the heart of the region and the “Classico” appellation, an area primarily known for its white wines largely made from Grechetto, and Trebbiano, however, in the case of the Orvieto DOC other grape varieties can also be used.

Orvieto DOC is available in different versions, from secco, dry, to Amabile and Abboccato, medium sweet, versions depending on the residual sugar in the wine which is created by ending the fermentation process before it reaches completion and it can change year on year depending on the quality of the vintage and the grapes, in better vintages the grapes have more sugar to start with.

The Orvieto DOC wine also includes the Orvieto Classico appellation, which is produced from grapes cultivated in the historical, most suited, part of the region. Orvieto Classico as well as Orvieto, is available as Amabile and Abboccato.

We do not stock any wine made with Orvieto DOC but we suggest you to try those made with Grechetto