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Italian wine and grape guide : Neretta cuneese

Neretta cuneese

The vine Neretta cuneese is known as an authochthonal variety of Cuneo, although the generic nature of the name, which refers to the color of the berries, induces improper synonymies and confusion of vines. It is rarely used in purity, but in blends with other varieties of the place, often also indigenous, such as Avanà. The berry is black, large, spheroid to ellipsoidal and short with very waxy, rather thick, blue-black skin with gray gradient because of the abundant bloom. The bunch is medium-large, cylindrical with evident wings, very compact with a medium-large or large, between pentagonal and cuneiform leaf. The vine Neretta cuneese has medium vigor and time of medium-late maturing, high productivity. The grape Neretta cuneese gives an intense ruby-red wine of delicate scent and body and light alcohol. Pleasant taste.

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