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Malvasia di Lipari

Malvasia di Lipari

The Malvasia di Lipari was brought to Lipari and the Aeolian Islands (the volcanic archipelago of the north-eastern coast of Sicily) by the Greeks.

The white grape Malvasia di Lipari, like other white Malvasia grapes, belongs to the family whose name Malvasia comes from a variation of Monembasia, a Byzantine stronghold rooted on the rocks of a promontory situated in the south of the Peloponnese, where sweet wines were produced and then exported throughout Europe by the Venetians with the name of Monemvasia. The wine made from this variety had become extremely popular, so much that Venice was full of taverns named Malvase, designed for its consumption.

The grape Malvasia di Lipari was about to disappear, and its current fame is due only to the passion of some producers who have given new life to the vineyards and fame to this wine. Malvasia di Lipari gives a nice dry white wine, but the Malvasia delle Lipari Passito (DOC) is of a greater fame. This sweet wine has a strong and appealing flavor that ranges from hazelnuts and wild flowers. It is also produced in a liquor version. Malvasia di Lipari is one of aromatic Malvasia.

The berry is white, medium or small, sub-round or spheroidal with tender and thin skin, slightly waxy, of golden yellow flesh and a sweet and aromatic flavor. The bunch is medium, cylindrical or cylindrical-conical, easy, medium loose with a medium, rounded, five-lobed leaf. The grape Malvasia di Lipari has good vigor and time of average maturity. Its low resistance to disease means that productions are scanty and irregular. The grape Malvasia di Lipari, generally vinified after drying, gives a golden yellow wine. It has sweet and delicate scent, with notes of honey, ripe apricot and tamarind.

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