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Italian wine and grape guide : Lugana DOC

Lugana DOC

The Lugana wine is a hidden gem. Despite being widely exported, the Lugana wine is still relatively unknown outside Italy and even within and its expansion is due to tourists visiting Lake Garda.

The Lugana wine is made with Trebbiano di Lugana that has recently changed its name to “Trubiana” to avoid any confusion with any of the other Trebbiano grape grown all over Italy and the Lugana DOC wine region is situated on the southern part of the Lake Garda, divided between Veneto and Lombardy.

The Lugana wine has always been associated with a light, easy to drink wine, there has always been an association with the Lake of Garda, sun, good time, white wine, Lugana, however, in the last few years there has been a push towards the production of better wines, even for the basic Lugana, and the first results are slowly showing promising signs, the grape and the wine is proving to be much more than an easy to drink dry white wine.

The Lugana DOC appellation allows the following wines to be called Lugana:

Lugana, Superiore (requires 1 year maturation not necessarily in oak), Riserva (aged for min. 24 months, 6 months in bottle, not necessarily in oak), Vendemmia Tardiva (late harvest) and Spumante, very limited production following both the Charmat and Metodo Classico.

Wine makers making the wine

If what you read sounds interesting, why not try any of the wine/s below made with Lugana DOC