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Italian wine and grape guide : Greco Nero

Greco Nero

The Greco Nero grape makes part of a large family of grape varieties so called “Greeks”, whose origin and dissemination, although uncertain, is common as they all seem to have derived from grapes imported from the Greek settlers, the founders of the Magna Grecia. Greco Nero, or Black Greek, is cultivated mainly in Calabria, in the provinces of Catanzaro and Crotone, where it is known as Grecu Niuru or e Maglioccone (in the area of Bivongi). It was erroneously considered synonymous with Marcigliana or Marsigliana cultivated in the province of Catanzaro, and has also been confused with Aleatico and Verdicchio Nero. Greco Nero has a black colored berry of medium or small size, with waxy, thin but firm, black skin. The cluster is medium to large, conical, medium compact with medium, orbicular or wedge-shaped, three-lobed leaf. The wine made of Greco Nero grape is ruby red, vinous and harmonious, often used in blends.

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