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Italian wine and grape guide : Favorita


The vine Favorita together with Arneis forms the ampelographic basis of white berries Roero. The name comes from the fact that over the centuries this grape has conquered the hearts of the local vine-growers becoming the “Favorite” grapes”.

Of probable Ligurian origins, as well as the Vermentino (which is considered to be identical to Favorita) or Pigato (from which it seems to derive), Favorita has Roero as its land of election since the end of the 18th century. In this area, Favorita can give excellent results: wines of great intensity and liveliness.

The berry is white, medium-large or large, spheroid or ellipsoidal, short with medium waxy, greenish-yellow skin - which becomes golden yellow or amber when well exposed to the sun. The bunch is Medium, cylindrical or pyramid with one or two wings, normally loose or medium compact with large, pentagonal or orbicular, five-lobed leaf. The vigor of the vine Favorita is high. Production is high and constant.

The wine made from grapes Favorita has a straw yellow color, bright, with clear and persistent aromas of citrus and fruit in general. The mouth feel is fresh, slightly sour and salty. The finish is soft and velvety.

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