The Famoso is a white grape variety that was rediscovered in Emilia Romagna after years of neglect thanks to some producers who believed in it and it is now making a return in the wine offer of the region. In the past, due to its characteristic scents and aromas it was often used for the production of table grapes, mostly sold in regional markets.

The Famoso, famous in Italian, is known for its "strong" nose, characteristic that had made winemakers abandon the grape for more “anonymous grapes”. Nowadays, its characteristic nose is what is making winemakers to rediscover the grape and is becoming more and more popular.

The Famoso grape produces a pale straw yellow wine, which can take green reflections, with a very intense fruity and floral nose that reminds of the moscato grape.

We do not stock any wine made with Famoso but we suggest you to try those made with Gewurztraminer