Italian wine and grape guide : Erbaluce


The Erbaluce grape is an authochthonal variety of Piedmont and its origin is still uncertain. It could have come from Monferrato, or according to the most recent theory, the subalpine zone of the Canavese. At the time of the Romans it appears to have been known as Alba Lux (i.e. dawn light) precisely because of the brightness of its berries. The Erbaluce is a very versatile grape. In fact, thanks to the high acidity and the sweetness of its berries, Erbaluce can give different types of wine, from dry wines to sparkling wines and sweet dessert wines. The latter benefit is that the acidity of the sugar content of the berries contributes to the resistance to the attacks by mold and parasites. The berry is white, spherical, average with amber colored skin. Its bunch is medium to long elongated conical shape, sometimes winged, medium compact with a medium, five-lobed leaf of light green color. The Erbaluce vine has a very high vigor. Its production is high, but not very steady. The grape gives a straw-colored wine, with high fixed acidity, suitable as a still wine but also as a dry sparkling wine.

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