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Italian wine and grape guide : Dolcetto


The Dolcetto vine has disputed origin in the Piedmont, especially known in Monferrato and Liguria, where they call it Ormeasco. The origin of the name is also uncertain: the prevailing hypothesis believed to result by the high sweetness of ripe grapes: while Barbera and Nebbiolo have more acid (Barbera) and more tannin (Nebbiolo), Dolcetto presents low acidity and persuasive bouquet, with a softer taste. A second thesis believed to result from the expression of Piedmont “dosset”. The berry is black, medium, round but not uniform with thin, waxy, bluish-black skin. The bunch is conical, elongated, generally winged, and sparse with a medium, usually lobed leaf. The Dolcetto grape variety has middle-early ripening (late September), medium vigor, and good productivity. The Dolcetto vine produces a ruby-red wine sometimes with violet hues, intense aroma of licorice, bitter almonds, blackberries and cherries. Sometimes also it offers floral notes. The mouth is dry, tangy, medium-bodied, slightly acidic, tannic, soft and harmonious.

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