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Italian wine and grape guide : Dindarella


The Dindarella vine is a red grape variety, present in the Veronese, but with very limited diffusion. Another variety typical of the area, the Pelara, has recently been classified as a biotype of Dindarella. Acerbi in 1825 cited the Dindarella and Pelara (at the time marked varieties) as present in the Veronese, in particular in the Valpolicella. Genetically speaking, Dindarella has considerable affinity with the Rondinella and a little less with the Corvina. In the ‘70s the Experimental Institute for Viticulture in Conegliano effected a recovery attempt, after which in 1987 the Dindarella entered in the National Register of Grapevine Varieties. The berry is black, medium, and irregular, with obvious navel and with waxy, solid, red-blue skin. The bunch is large, medium compact, pyramidal, with one or two wings and with a pentagonal, medium-large, five-lobed leaf. The Dindarella vine has good vigor and also good production. The Dindarella vine gives a deep ruby red wine. The scent is fruity with hints of underbrush and more obvious hints of stewed fruit and spices.

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