The Brachetto grape has been grown in the Acqui Terme area, Piedmont, since ancient times. After the advent of phylloxera and the decline of interest in the sweet sparkling wines, the interest for this grape variety had fallen, only to awaken in the last few decades, culminating in 1996 with the granting of the DOCG appellation.

From an ampelographic point, the identification of Brachetto has not been easy: in fact, in Piedmont, there are many varieties with the same common features, from the color of the berry (black) to the aroma. The “Moscato nero” of Roero, known as “Brachettone” and “Brachet”, a non-aromatic grape, are two examples of unauthorized native variety and as such cannot be called Brachetto.

When talking about Brachetto, the most important name is the DOCG appellation Brachetto d'Acqui. This is a bright ruby red colored wine, fresh, well known and appreciated for its aroma with hints of rose and strawberry.

The Brachetto berry is black, medium, and ellipsoidal with waxy, solid, black-dark purple colored skin, medium waxy. The cluster is medium, elongated, cylindrical or pyramidal, winged and medium compact with a medium, orbicular whole or more rarely three-lobed leaf.

The Brachetto grape produces a bright ruby red wine, fresh, refreshing with its distinctive aroma with hints of rose and strawberry.

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