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Italian wine and grape guide : Biancolella


The Biancolella grape is widespread in Campania, in the province of Naples and especially in the island of Ischia, where the Biancolella contributes to the production of local white wines. It is a very ancient grape and is said to come from Corsica, where it is still grown under the name Petite Blanche. Its first mention dates to the 19th century, by Rovasenda. The white berry of Biancolella is of medium size and spheroidal sometimes erratic shape. The skin is thin, soft, waxy, pale green colored. Its cluster is medium, cylindrical or pyramidal, compact, often with two short wings with medium, orbicular, three-lobed or five-lobed leaf. Biancolella prefers not very fertile soil, loose, of volcanic origin, but can also be cultivated on clayey and compact soils. Biancolella grape has low vigor, medium ripening period, and makes an average production. The Biancolella grape gives a straw-colored wine with greenish reflections. Its fragrance hints of juniper and slightly almond aftertaste.

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