Italian wine and grape guide : Bellone


The Bellone grape is a very versatile grape, spread in Lazio, and especially in the provinces of Rome and Latina. The Bellone is a grape variety of ancient origin widely in the Castelli Romani in Roman times and mentioned by Pliny as “grapes pantastica”.The Bellone is also known as Cacchione and makes part of many denominations of Lazio. The berry is white, medium, round with thick, waxy skin, yellowish with brown streaks. The bunch is medium-large, cylindrical-conical, often winged, compact with a large, pentagonal, five-lobed leaf. The Bellone grape requires medium expansion and rich pruning. The most suitable soils are of volcanic origin. This grape has high vigor and a fairly abundant productivity though not constant. The wines produced with Bellone grapes are of an intense yellow color, with golden reflections. Intense aroma, fruity with notes of citrus and light mineral accent.

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