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Italian wine and grape guide : Barbera Bianca

Barbera Bianca

Barbera bianca is a variety of a Piedmont's grape cultivated mostly in the zone between Ovada and Acqui Terme. Its name is a result of a similarity in the form of the grape and the grape bunch with Barbera, although it seems that they are not related when it comes to ampelography. Barbera bianca is first mentioned in 1825 by Acerbi who cited it was cultivated within the zone of Valenza. Rovasenda wrote about it in 1877 and many followed to describe it as a variety of Oltrepo Pavese. The sad fact about this grape is that is almost impossible to find. Although it is suitable for growth in the region of Piedmont, this grape today could be found in the Province of Alessandria. The wine produced from Barbera bianca is of straw yellow color more or less intense with fruity delicate fragrance, not very intense. It tastes fresh and fruity, fine and balanced.

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