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Gran Poiana, La Poiana (500gr)

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Why we love it

The Gran Poiana is a cheese produced with cow's milk with a long maturation that gives the cheese its rich taste. Excellent as an aperitif, grated on first courses or as after meal, the Gran Poiana sweet and delicate, a taste that make the cheese loved by the little ones as well.

The Gran Poiana pairs sparkling wines and structured red wines.

The artisan who made it

The La Poiana Cooperative was created in 1982 with aim of protecting and promoting the local cheeses, cheeses from the so called Grana Valley, starting with the Castelmagno, the King. La Poiana is made by artisan cheese mongers that create cheeses respecting the tradition and the territory, the valley.

La Poiana is synonymous with Castelmagno, and their story began in 1982 when the Castelmagno became a DOC protected cheese. Made with local milk produced from cows left free to graze in the green mountain pastures, from Castelmagno di cooperative soon started producing other local cheeses, from Robiola to Pecorino. All their cheeses are made according to the tradition and are made with raw, non pasteurised milk, full and rich of flavour.

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