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Adopt an Olive Tree, Nonna Ida

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Why we love it and the “famiglia” behind the Nonna Ida olive oil have launched a new project. Adopt an olive tree. Nonna Ida estate has an olive grove located in Abruzzo with about 100 secular olive trees of the Gentile di Chieti cultivar, variety, native of Abruzzo. The olive trees are cultivated using organic farming practices and produce an award winning extra virgin olive oil.

As you know, at we love extra virgin olive oil, olive oil is a super food protecting us against heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and obesity amongst the many benefits it has.

After the payment, within a few days, you will receive a few photos of your olive tree and the adoption certificate containing all information, including the location on Google maps. The adopt an olive tree is a natural, ethical, environmentally friendly gift for family, friends or even as a corporate gift.

All olives are manually harvested before to reach veraison for the best olive oil, put in small boxes to avoid getting damaged and pressed within a few hours, Nonna Ida’s mill is only 4 km away from the farm. This is the difference between a full of healthy benefits olive oil and an oily liquid.

Why our adopt an olive tree is different from all other programs? The olive trees available for adoption are very limited, numbered, and the oil you will receive is their award winning oil, we will not buy oil from other farmers or plant new trees, we want to control the whole chain, from growing to bottling and do it in a sustainable, organic way.

With the adoption, you will not only support the environment, but you will also receive the extra virgin olive oil. You will receive two shipments of 3L bag in box of Nonna Ida’s award winning olive oil, one immediately after the pressing, the first oil, called “novello” and one in the spring.

The adoption is valid for one year.

The artisan who made it

Nonna Ida is all about the family grandma, Ida, and her passion for cooking and growing her own ingredients, from a small olive orchards with centuries hold trees to produce an amazing extra virgin olive oil the whole village in Abruzzo wanted, to preparing natural sauces and condiments only using her own garden. Nonna Ida has unfortunately passed away, but her family, her descendant, have now decided to continue the journey nonna started.

After a few years to sort the recipes left and clear garden and olive orchards back the way they were when Nonna Ida was with them, the family is now ready to continue the legacy. Nonna Ida range is healthy, natural, is organic, it only uses the best ingredients.

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