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Panforte, La Bottega del Pane (100gr)

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There is panforte and panforte and ours is an artisan panforte made with the best ingredients from real eggs to candied fruit, 100% natural, panforte will not get better than this. Made from a Florentine "forno" following the original recipe, this panforte contains more than 30% of almonds, candied oranges and lemons.

The name Panforte, strong bread in Italian, derives to the strong spicy flavour, initially a Tuscan Christmasy cake, the Tuscan response to the "northern" panettone, the panforte is now eaten all year round, often paired with a glass of Vin Santo after a meal, delicious, or enjoyed with a coffee or tea. Like for the panettone, the difference between artisan and industrial panforte is in the quality and quantity of ingredients. No Palm Oil

The artisan who made it was founded in 2003 in response to a lack of quality Italian wine and food. As soon as Andrea (the founder) landed in the UK noticed that Italian products available were not the ones he was used to when grwoing up in Italy.

From wine to food, Andrea could not find the quality he was used to and coming from a wine making family, he decided to embark in a journey to source quality Italian wine and food from small Italian, artisan producers:’s mission is to discover and import Italian gems from small, little known, yet dedicated, Italian wineries and artisans.

All our products are authentic and of the highest quality and made using the best, natural ingredients and respecting the environment; none of our product contains palm oil or preservatives, we believe in a healthy living and eating and drinking well is essential for a long and healthy life. We do not import industrially made products or so called "Italian sounding" food.

Since starting in 2003, has been the recipient of several awards.

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