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Pastiera, Di Caccio (380gr)

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Why we love it

The Pastiera, originally an Easter cake now made all year round, is the southern response created in Naples to the northern Colomba, and according to the tradition, is a wheat cake with ricotta cheese and candied orange peel but each and every Napolitan family has its own recipes passed down generation after generation.

Our artisan pastiera, made only with natural ingredients and with cow’s ricotta cheese, is packaged in a protective atmosphere and has a shelf life of 2 months, this is without doubt, the best pastiera you will have taste outside Naples.


The artisan who made it

Di Ciaccio is a sweet story since 1928 ... The passion that moves things, the history that fills them with experience, the curiosity that drives innovation: this is our reality, an artisan reality that tells itself over time, from its origins to today, through its products, different yet always the same in the philosophy that guides their creation. Few carefully selected ingredients give us every day pastries, biscuits, traditional and leavened sweets that are the story of what we are, a dynamic reality, with a lot of history behind it, but above all with a great desire to grow further. We are explorers of taste as well as passionate about tradition. Here then is the choice of fresh butter to give an authentic taste, high oleic sunflower oil to give greater lightness to the dough, fresh eggs from free-range farms richer in nutrients, natural stone-ground flours from grains and 100% Italian cereals and ancient grain flours to preserve all the nutritional properties of the grains and give the dough superior aromas and textures.And again the IGP Piedmont hazelnuts with unmistakable aromas and sweetness, selected coffees and cocoa, the artisanal candied fruit of our leavened products made only with mother yeast and a very long leavening.

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