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Sparkling Wine Decanter, IVV (75cl)

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A decanter is also for sparkling wines, yes, not just for red wines.

Our sparkling wine decanter is ideal for all important sparkling wines, not a prosecco or spumante, but classic method sparkling wines, vintage Franciacorta or Champagne or classic method, sparkling wines that need aerating before being drunk. Designed by one of the best sommeliers in the world, this decanter belongs to the "touch" range because it has, on the neck, a finger shaped hole for a secure and safe holding.

Elegant and stylish this decanter is a piece of barware that every wine lover should have, it is recommended to leave the sparkling wine to sit in the decanter for about 30 minutes before serving it. Keeping the decanter clean is easy, just fill it with warm water and leave it long enough to remove any remnants of wine or stains, never wash it with soap or any other chemical substance.

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