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V.M. Tintilia del Molise, Campi Valerio (75cl)

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Why we love it

This is a fantastic example of Tintillia del Molise, a cru, a wine made from Tinitilia grapes grown on a vineyard at above 500msl, without any wood ageing, where the grape is the star and what a star. This wine is part of the series of single vineyard wines, expressions, where the terroir makes the wine and we have selected this one because we believe that acidity, this cru comes from the highest vineyard, add elegance to the wine.

This red wine has very complex nose with fruit hints, from cherry to pomegranate, to floral with iris. On the palate is full, elegant, lively, smooth tannins and warm with fruity flavours and a never ending aftertaste. Perfect for the like of truffle tagliatelle or cheeses, matured or fresh.

The artisan who made it

Campi Valerio is a relatively young company, despite the fact that viticulture and wine date back to the 17th century, long before the current ownership. Campi Valerio, through the recovery of small vineyards, are bringing back into life a land that despite its rich history had been abandoned. Molise is little known region full of surprises and history and the vineyards are in the heart of the Pentro area, a couple of decades ago granted the DOC status, an extraordinarily uncontaminated territory producing unique wines, wines slow to mature. Molise is also the Volturno river, the longest river of southern Italy, that provide a unique microclimate for the vineyards and a mountain, influencing and protecting the vineyards. Campi Valerio is a family owned winery growing native grapes, from Tintilia to the now adopted Falanghina and Montepulciano and due to the several small vineyards constituting the estate, like experimenting and creating wines were the terroir is the most distinctive element.

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