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Strozzapreti with Salami, Mussels and Pesto


(4 portions)

400 gr of Pasta,
Extra virgin olive oil,
About 10 mussels per portion, fresh or frozen
1 ts per portion of Pesto,

Wine pairing suggestions


Pesto is often seen as a "pasta al pesto" ingredient, however, it can be used in many recipes, from starters to main courses, and this pasta recipe is a delicious example of how a versatile the pesto can be, here it compliment mussels and salami


This recipe is very simple and easy to prepare, still resulting in a delicious pasta dish. Start with boiling the water for the pasta.

Cut a few slices of salame, slighty ticker and divide them into 3 or 4 pieces and put aside. On a frying pan, pour some extra virgin olive oil and the mussels, if frozen, otherwise, start with frying the salami for a couple of minutes until it changes it colour but before it becomes hard, it has to stay soft, then add the mussel if fresh and let them frying together for another couple of minute (if using fresh mussels remove the shell before frying them).
Now add some white wine, put the heat up and let the alcohol to evaporate. Once done, add the pesto and let it dissolve. Move the sauce aside.
When the water boils add some rock salt and the pasta. Follow the cooking time on the bag but a minute before the pasta is ready, taste it and if it is about a minute away from being al dente, drain the water and put in the frying pan with the sauce and mix or toss for a minute over high heat then serve. Delicious

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