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Ingredients for 1kg panettone

315 g strong flower
200 g di butter,
165 g di caster sugar,
200 g di candied lemons and oranges,
110 g raisins and sultanas soaked in water and Marsala,
30 g di raw honey,
12 g di fresh yeast,
5 free range yolks,
1tbs vanilla extract or 2 pods,
90gr starter yeast,
Vegetable oil
1 lemon.

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Panettone is the Italian Christmas cake, there is no Christmas without Panettone in Italy and it can be prepared at home. The main ingredient? Lots of patience. Try our Panettone recipe


Panettone is the Italian Christmas cake, there is no Christmas without Panettone in Italy, and it can be made at home however, it requires a lot of time and patience, if you are too busy, just get one of our artisan panettone.

Weigh 250 gr of flour and 100 gr of sugar. In the mixing bowl put 90 gr of starter yeast and 100 gr of water and dissolve it. Now add to the bowl a small amount of flour, a spoonful of sugar and the fresh yeast. Start to knead. Add the first yolk, a tablespoon of sugar and knead again. Add flour, egg yolk and sugar together. Add 90 gr of soft butter, divided into small pieces, and knead well until butter is completely absorbed.

Grease a panettone tin or a deep cake tin with the vegetable oil and pour the mixture into it, cover and leave until it will triple its volume. Now take the risen dough and put it in the mixer again. Meanwhile weigh 65 gr of sugar and 65 gr of flour. Add 30 gr of water and 30 gr of sugar taken from the 65 gr to the mixture. Add some flour and then add, as for the first mixture, the remaining 4 egg yolks, sugar and flour. Add 3.5 gr of salt with the 4th yolk and lastly the honey.

Now slowly add 80 gr of butter stirring well for the butter to be absorbed. In a small pan put 30 gr of butter, the squeezed raisins, the candied fruit, the seeds of the vanilla pods, the zest of a lemon. Add everything to the dough, stir for a minute and then let it sit for 30 minutes. Cover the dough and let it sit for another 40 minutes. Seal the dough in a food bag, place it in the oven at 30 ° and let them rise until they have doubled in volume. Once they doubled, remove from the oven, take the panettone out of the bags and let it rest for another 30 minutes.

Cut a cross at the top of the panettone, place a small amount of butter on the top and bake in a static oven at 165 ° for about 40 minutes. In the last 10 minutes, raise the temperature to 175 °. Remove the panettone from the oven, insert two skewers and let them cool overnight upside down.

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