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Nido di quaglia al tartufo bianco

Nido di quaglia al tartufo bianco


1kg Fresh tagliolini or dry tagliatelle
250g of butter
4 Quail eggs
Salt and pepper


It is best to use fresh tagliolini. Be careful to cook them only until they are "al dente", meaning there is still a definite bite to the pasta. Fresh pasta is very easy to overcook so taste the pasta every two minutes or so to be safe. Strain the pasta and immediately stir in enough butter to lightly coat the pasta (without creating a butter sauce). Arrange the tagliolini in individual pasta bowls in such a manner as to create a "nest", leaving a center area that is slightly depressed. In the center of the nest place a raw quail egg yolk - only the yolk, not the white. (Be sure to buy the eggs from a trusted grocer.) Use a truffle shaver to shave the fresh white truffle (conserved until now in a jar of dry rice if not purchased that day) over the pasta. Shave away, trying to put an equal amount on each plate and not an obviously large amount on your own. Serve.

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