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Terre di Zaccanello, Sicily

Terre di Zaccanello is a family run olive oil mill that goes back three generations, when Alfonso, the grandfather of the current generation started working as an oil merchant and bought the first hectares of olive grove to produce his extra virgin olive oil.

After that first piece of land, more hectares followed, all covered with typical Sicilian olive varieties, Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla, Gioconda and Bella, and today is Federica, together with Giulia and Alfonso, sister and brother, who is in charge of the olive grove and olive oil mill, who, after studying law abroad, decided to go back to her native land and continue the family tradition and produce a great extra virgin olive oil.

The olive grove, organically cultivated, is located in the small village of Racalmuto, near the city of Agrigento in the southern coast of Sicily, in a hill facing the Mediterranean sea. Federica only produces a limited amount of extra virgin olive oil and only using their own olives, olives from their own grove, and depending on the years, their extra virgin olive oil include an IGP Sicilian extra virgin olive oil and two “monovarietal”, single variety of extra virgin olive oil, but only in the best years. Their extra virgin olive oils range from a very delicate to a richer one and are able to complement any dish, whether of the Sicilian culinary tradition or not, and are all organically certified.