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La Romantica, Franciacorta, Lombardia

La Romantica is a relatively new Franciacorta producer, however, the people behind it are not new to wine, they have been producing wine in the Lugana area for generations, they are the Avanzi family, that due to their love for wine, as soon as the Franciacorta estate became available, they decided to purchase it and built a very modern winery. La Romantica like the majority of Franciacorta producers, are a small winery with only a few hectares where they grow Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the other grape allowed in the wine is Pinot Bianco. Their approach to Franciacorta is to find the perfect balance between fruit and freshness of the wine with a short ageing to provide the wine with extra structure and so far, the balance has been found.

Grapes grown by La Romantica, Franciacorta, Lombardia

Pinot Bianco
Pinot Nero

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