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Sambuca, Morelli (1L)

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Why we love it

Sambuca is an Italian liqueur made with anise stars and this Sambuca follows an old recipe passed down from generation to generation prepared at the Morelli distillery in Tuscany, near Pisa, based on just four high quality ingredients, premium star anise, neutral spirit, sugar and pure water, without any artificial flavour. This Sambuca has an alcohol content of 40%

The Sambuca is worldwide famous and outside Italy is often served at the end of the meal with a few coffee beans in the glass (the legend says that the beans should be three each one representing health, happiness and prosperity) and set on fire, don’t do it if you don’t want to burn the alcohol in the shot. Italians drink Sambuca on its own, either very cold or with some ice or used in cocktails. Sambuca is also included in many Italian recipes

Sambuca doesn’t get any better than this, and it comes in a 1L bottle.

The artisan who made it

Under the current generation, the Liquorificio, distillery, Morelli, originally called the Antica Grapperia Toscana, has been going from strength to strength, producing liqueurs and spirits of the highest quality. The credo of this Tuscan distillery is the belief in using only the best natural ingredients for its products and using the family recipes they have used for centuries that have resulted in them winning a large number of awards, not only for their grappa, but also for their delicious Limoncello and Arancino.

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